ALB 1876 Database of American libraries before 1876. More than 9,800 records for over 80 types of libraries, searchable on 14 fields. Also view original Unisort data cards. Users may record comments on data.

Association of Independent Libraries

The Bibliographical Society is a senior learned society dealing with the study of the book and its history

The Bibliographical Society of America (BSA) exists to promote bibliographical research and to issue bibliographical publications

The Bibliographical Society of Australia and New Zealand (BSANZ)

The Bibliographical Society of Canada

The Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia

Book History Online, a searchable database for the international bibliography of the history of the printed book and libraries

British Fiction 1800-1829: a database of production, circulation and reception. British Fiction allows users to examine bibliographical records of 2,272 works of fiction written by approximately 900 authors, along with a large number of contemporary materials (including anecdotal records, circulating-library catalogues, newspaper advertisements, reviews, and subscription lists).

The British Library Journal promotes research into the contents and history of the British Library's collections (abstracts available online from 1994 to 1998)

British Library Newspaper collections

Cambridge Bibliographical Society

Cambridge history of libraries in Britain and Ireland

Carnegie Libraries of Scotland

Edinburgh Bibliographical Society, the oldest continuing society of its type in the world.

Electronic British Library Journal. The successor to the British Library Journal, the journal of scholarly research into the contents and history of the British Library and its collections.

The Henrik Database contains information about books and their owners in Helsinki up to and including 1809. This information has been retrieved from estate inventory deeds and auction protocols.

HoBo (the site formerly known as History of the Book @ Oxford) is a dedicated web space for all History of the Book events and resources throughout the UK with a week-by-week diary

Historic Libraries Forum The Forum has an interest in historic libraries of all kinds, but particularly those without a natural 'home' in the formal library world.

History of information science and technology

History of scientific information, communication and documentation in Germany

Information and culture : a journal of history (formerly Libraries and the cultural record). This journal publishes articles in the history of information. While it continues to publish in the areas of library, archival, museum, conservation, and information science history, the journal's scope has been broadened significantly beyond these areas to include the historical study of any topic that would fall under the purview of any of the modern interdisciplinary schools of information.

IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions)

IFLA Library History Section

The Imprint Society of the University of Reading

Libraries and the cultural record, an interdisciplinary journal exploring the significance of collections of recorded knowledge - their creation, organization, preservation and utilization - in the context of cultural and social history. This journal changed its title from 2012. See Information & culture : a journal of history above.

Library & Information History is the journal of the Library & Information History Group, for anyone interested in the social, cultural and intellectual history of libraries and information.

Library History Round Table of the American Library Association

Libri pertinentes, a series of annotated catalogues of private and institutional libraries of the 16th and 17th centuries

Local Studies Group of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals

Oxford Bibliographical Society, founded in 1922 to encourage bibliographical research. Membership of the Society is available, on application, to all those interested in manuscripts, printed books and the arts and trades connected with them. Members may attend all the meetings, visits as appropriate, and receive the publications for the years of their membership free.

The Printing Historical Society fosters interest in the history of printing and encourages both the study and the preservation of printing machinery, records and equipment of historical value

The Private Libraries Association

Public Library Annual Reports, 1850-1919: a searchable database

Rare Books and Special Collections Group of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals

Recent studies of 18th century book culture, a bibliography on 'book culture' compiled by James E. May, which includes studies from the last dozen years on bibliophilia (but not bookbinding), book collections, institutional and personal libraries, censorship, literacy and reading

The Scottish Centre for the Book was established in 1995 and acts as a focus for research and knowledge transfer in publishing, the material book and print culture.

SHARP (Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing)

Welcome to libraries, a website providing information on the development of private, royal, imperial, monastic and public libraries from 3000 BC to the present day, with a wealth of illustrative matter

York Bibliographical Society